Our Vision

Bringing positive change to the full development of all people through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and teaching various teachings based on the word of God.

Promoting the well-being of Rwandans in general and Christians in particular.

Current Projects

UBCR HQ Construction

Home to Home Reach Out

Seminars & Trainings

Empowering Education

Health Empowerment

Contacts (HQ)

Union of Baptiste Churches of Rwanda (UEBR)

Head Quarter

Street: KN 59 St, Plot 13

P.O.BOX: 896 Kigali - Rwanda

Tel: (+250) 783 45 29 15

or   (+250) 783 71 07 54 

Email: info@ubcr.org

Website: www.ubcr.org

Contacts (Regions)

East: Tel: (+250) 786 38 31 00

South: Tel: (+250) 785 98 38 19

West: Tel: (+250) 788 46 31 10

Union of Baptist Churches of Rwanda / Proposed Construction


UBCR/UEBR started its missionary and evangelism activities in 1939 by missionaries from Danemark. The first church were installed at Nyantanga hill in Nyaruguru District, southern province. Later, it has been expanded in many other areas of the country.

Union of Baptist Churches in Rwanda is grouping about 64 baptist local churches located in different regions of Rwanda. It is subdivided into 16 parishes which are listed as follows: Kibungo, Rwagitima, Mukoma, Ruhuha, Nyakayaga, Kigali, Uwingugu, Butare, Runyombyi, Remera, Nkakwa, Nyantanga, Kabuga, Ruheru, Gasumo, Gisenyi. These parishes are grouped in 3 main regions namely East, South, and West.


The contribution of UBCR to Rwandan citizen is not only limited on sharing Good News of Jesus Christ, but also helping citizens to develop their social and economical life. Hence, after evangelization, UBCR is contributing in education, healthcare and economical development of the country so that people may grow spiritually as well as economically.

Now, UBCR planed to build its new Head Office and Church at Kigali where it was re-allocated in 2011 from Butare. Christian members of UBCR and friends are now contributing for this new building.

You, as a visitor of this site, you can also contribute or donate for this building and we are sure that our Lord will bless you for any kind of contribution you will give us. You can contact us by using the contact link.

By now, UEBR is legally represented and led by Rev. Pastor MURWANASHYAKA Thomas.


 Rev. Murwanashyaka Thomas, Legal Representative.                    Proposed Church Internal Design.


 Church elders.                                                                      Sunday school at Kigali Parish.